Sabtu, 19 Juli 2008


Blues Mara Song List July 19, 2008

Reguler Time : 22.00-02.00
Encore : 02.00-03.00

Opening : Eric Burdon Spoken+Blues Power by Albert ing
Backsound : Slowgoanbash Blues by Al kooper feat. Shuggie Otis
Closing : Her Holly Modal Majesty by Al Kooper + Babe I Wanna Leave You byRob Hooke R& B Group
Reguler Time
OPENING Endorse by The Host : 1. Rottens Kids ( Mark Hummel) 2. Missing With The Kids (Rory Galagher) 3. Tina Marrie (Bryan Lee)
Request by Listener : 4. Maccone Hambone Blues (Wet Willie) 5. Penicile Blues ( Stone The Crow) 6. Red House (G3) 7.To My Mother (Frumpy) 8. Little Red Rooster ( Howlin' Woolf taen from album London's Session) 9. Hear My Train Commin' (Jimi Hendrix) 10. Hide Away ( John Mayall) 11. When I'm Wrong I'm Wrong (Rod Piazza dan Pewee Crayton) 12. It's Hurt Me Too (John Mayall) 13. Roadhouse Blues (The Doors) 14. Hi Heal Snekers (Tommy Castro) 15. Long Long Ago (Blacwell) 16. Hard Times (Eric Clapton) 17. Maybe (Janis Joplin) 18. Divin' Duck (Johnny Winter) 19. Go Down Sunshine (Cubby+ Blizzard) 20. I'll Take Care Off You ( Garry BB Colleman) 21. Medley : Lonely Avenue (Van Morrison) 22. Mad Dog (Don Covay) 23. She Want To Sell My Monkey ( Junior Wells) 24. Griddin' Man (Pinetop Perins) 25. Tea For One (Led Zeppelin) 26. And Lonely ( Climax Chicago Blues Band)
Encore (non stop blues ) : 27. The Thrill is Gone (Garry More feat BB King) 28. Have You Ever Loved A Woman ( Eric Clapton) 29. Sweet Little Angel (Cubby+ Blizzards) 30. If Trouble Was Money (Albert Collins) 31. Dyin' Flu (Duke Robbilard) 32.Blues For The Lost Day (John Mayall) 33. Ten Years Ago (Buddy Guy+ Junior Wells) 34. Bad News Is Coming (Luther Allison) CLOSING

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